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Birkholz. More than Perfume. 

We are a Berlin-based, family-run perfume manufacture focusing on the personalization of the scent experience. We are among the few manufactures worldwide crafting our own fragrances. The exclusivity of our brand is reflected in the perfume ingredients and handmade flacon elements.

The fragrance of a freshly picked rose, a potpourri of various spices, the interaction of different scent compositions: we have invested a lot of time in the selection of precious perfume oils and have travelled the world for inspiration. BIRKHOLZ is a family-run company that has set itself the task as a fragrance consultant to assist and support our customers with time and attention to detail in the search for their own, individual perfumes.

As perfume sommeliers, we understand how meaningful the right fragrance can be. It not only highlights moments and turns them into something special but is also part of the wearer’s own personality. Every perfume should therefore be as individual as the person who wears it. We want to make this individualisation something that our customers can experience.

Our exquisite perfumes as well as the selection of our own, specially created flacons and caps with hand-produced leather in the most varied of colours and their own inscription have thus been made available both in the perfume workshop and in the online store. This means that every perfume has its own significance and tells the very personal, individual story of the wearer. For a truly consummate perfume experience, we also offer our customers a selection of high-quality beauty products and our own, specially designed fragrance jewellery.

We want to make buying a fragrance a treasured experience once again, and support our guests as experienced fragrance consultants through every step of the creation process.

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